The Commercial Fitness Market is the most recently developed of efi Sports Medicine’s markets. The idea of their new product, the GTS (Gravity Training System), came from an unfulfilled need that existed in the health and fitness club industry. Equipment from various manufacturers competed for space on the floors of health clubs.

Typically, a workout encompassing all fitness components requires multiple pieces of equipment. The GTS®, anchor of the GRAVITYSystem, did it all in one machine. With GRAVITY, health and fitness club owners were able to attract new members and retain existing ones. So, club members and club owners alike got what they wanted.

This brochure was the main carrier of the printed message of the new GRAVITY SYSTEM by EFI. It was mailed to new leades as well as featured at every trade show that EFI attended.


  • • Concept
  • • Art Direction
  • • Design and Layout


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I am an art director, web designer & filmmaker originally from Los Angeles, CA, now residing in Chula Vista Ca. Working on brand strategy and corporate identity are passions of mine. I beleive that every company has a personality and that properly crafting its presence in the marketplace can increase a company's profitability.



2013 | Olympian High School Leadership Award
2009 | Davey Award
2008 | Communicator Award (3)
2007 | American G D Award (2)
2006 | Davey Award
2005 | efi Outstanding Achievement
2005 | Davey Award (3)
2005 | American In-house Design
2005 | American G D Award (3)
2004 | American G D Award (2)
2004 | The Creative Show - Silver
2003 | efi Outstanding Achievement
2003 | Telly Award
2002 | efi Leadership Award