• • Concept
  • • Art Direction
  • • Design and Layout
  • • Web Development

The Overview

Bucket Buddy is a web based application, still in development, that will help people interested in creating a "bucket List" or a list of things one would want to accomplish before they pass, or "kick the bucket". This application will help the user compile a list of items, find other people who have created a list, allow usewrs to follow eachother and a number of other online fun features.

The Challenge

Since the development of this application is occuring simultaneously in a number of cities, it is critical that a standard be established for the look and feel of the brand. I needed to create the brand guidelines for Bucket Buddy as one of the first things I accomplished to ensure the vision of the brand to all development parties.

The Solution

I developed a set of graphic rules for the consistant usage of the logomark. For easy exchange, I created a pdf document with all the standards for color, size, usage, placement etc. This allowed all the development parties to visually understand how our mark was to be used, and to share in the vision of the look and feel as we moved into the comp stages of the development of the website.


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I am an art director, web designer & filmmaker originally from Los Angeles, CA, now residing in Chula Vista Ca. Working on brand strategy and corporate identity are passions of mine. I beleive that every company has a personality and that properly crafting its presence in the marketplace can increase a company's profitability.



2013 | Olympian High School Leadership Award
2009 | Davey Award
2008 | Communicator Award (3)
2007 | American G D Award (2)
2006 | Davey Award
2005 | efi Outstanding Achievement
2005 | Davey Award (3)
2005 | American In-house Design
2005 | American G D Award (3)
2004 | American G D Award (2)
2004 | The Creative Show - Silver
2003 | efi Outstanding Achievement
2003 | Telly Award
2002 | efi Leadership Award